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Pre application:

  • The chosen surface should be completely clean & dry
  • Before applying, check on an unobtrusive area to check whether the sealant is suitable
  • Do not mix any other liquid with the MR Seal sealant (do not dilute the sealant)
  • Do not apply on surfaces below 8 deg.  C. 


  • Use the roller brush to treat the surface / slowly spray on the required surface, so that the sealant is evenly spread throughout the surface. (Based on the area of the surface use the proper applicator)
  • It takes approximately 1– 2 hours to dry the sealant.
  • Recommended to apply two coats for more porous surface and heavy footpath area
  • Approximately within 20 – 30minutes apply the 2nd coat before the 1st coat is fully dry.
  • Buff the surface before the 2nd coat is completely dry.
  • Leave the treated surface free from traffic for half a day.
  • For better result leave the surface for 24hr from traffic.

Post application / aftercare / maintenance:

  • Exterior surfaces: A garden hose with a pressure nozzle or a pressure washer with maximum pressure of 1000 PSI (depends on the nature of the surface).
  • Interior surfaces: Use a mild liquid cleaner/water. (Carefully wipe with a sponge or a soft cloth)
  • If anything spills on a Mr. Seal Sealant treated area, remove it immediately with a clean piece of cloth or a tissue.
  • If any dried liquid stain is left on the surface, clean it with a sponge and cold clean water.
  • If any semi- solid or a greasy stain is left on the surface, remove it as much as possible with any rounded utensil such as a spoon. Then remove the remaining stain using a sponge and warm water mixed with a little mild detergent. (Note: Clean everything instantly with water, so that no detergent residue is left out.)
  • DO NOT brush / use rough scrubbing materials
  • DO NOT use abrasive powders, ammonia, acids, bleach, turpentine & thinner for cleaning purpose.