• Resists penetration of oil and water-based stains
  • Non-toxic, water based, non-flammable, invisible impregnator
  • User friendly and easy to apply
  • Preserves natural look
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior use
  • Non-yellowing; U.V. light resistant
  • Contains no silicones


Preparing the Surface : Use the sealant without diluting any other liquid. The contact surface must be clean and debris, stain or any other previous sealants and waxes free.

Directions for Application : A brush, roller or garden-type sprayer can be used to apply. A well applied single coat is usually sufficient; however, two coats are recommended on very porous surfaces or heavy walkaway areas. Make sure to apply the second coat after five hours of the first application. An approximate period of 20 minutes will dry the Mr. Seal sealant on marble or granite. Brush the surface before it is completely dry. It is recommended to let the surfaces dry at least for 8 hours, before traffic is allowed on the treated area. However, for maximum, long lasting protection, allow the surface to be cured for 24 hours.

Maintenance : To clean exterior surfaces applied with Mr. Seal sealant, use a garden hose with a pressure nozzle or pressure washer with a maximum pressure of 1000 PSI; choose according to the surface. For interior surfaces, treated with the sealant, simply mop or wipe with a soft cloth or sponge using a mild liquid cleaner or water. Harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive powders, ammonia, acids, bleach, solvents or abrasive scrubbing pads should NOT be used.

Cleaning Application Equipment: Rinse equipment with warm or cold water.

Coverage : One litre will approximately cover 30-40 sq. metres, depending upon the porosity of the substrate and method of application.

Safety Directions : Do not breathe vapour or spray mists. Avoid contact with skin and eyes

Storage/Shelf Life and Disposal : Keep sealed in original containers and store in a cool dry place. When properly stored, shelf life is a minimum of six months from date of opening the container. Do not allow freezing. Do not apply on surfaces below 8 deg. C. Dispose with garbage or leave at an appropriate metal recycling collection point.

Why MR Seal

  • DIY product
  • Penetrating Sealer
  • Applied on old & new properties
  • No colour change on the surface
  • Allows the surface to breath
  • Stops Water absorption
  • Resists UV degradation
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use
  • Easy to apply & Maintain
  • Mold & mildew resistant
  • No silicones
  • Special formula for Swimming pool

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